New Finds!

My new finds might not be exciting to everybody but they are exciting to me.  Months ago my mother, who lives with me, gave me a handful of papers and told me I might want to keep them.  I was doing something else at the time so I took them and stuck them in my roll top desk.  Listen, once something gets stuck in that roll top desk they’re gone.  I’m convinced roll tops were made just so we could hide stuff in them; get stuff out of sight so we can just forget them.  Well that’s what I did with these papers, I forgot all about them until today when I had to brave the roll top to get something else.  Now when you open my roll top you have to be ready for anything.  With that in mind I opened my roll top ready to catch what I could when things started jumping out at me and what’s the only thing that jumped out, the papers my mother gave me.  I haven’t been able to go through everything yet, but I did pull out both my maternal grandparents’ birth certificates, and the deed where my great great grandfather John Wilson Pepper gave an acre of land for what is now the Chalk Hill cemetery.  Maybe I ought to go through that desk more often and see what else I have in there.

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In the Beginning…

As you can tell I’m just building my blog.  It seems like such a daunting task just to get it to the place where I can start sharing information with others.  Please be patient, I’ll get there!


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